Utility Bill Auditing is an analysis of your electric and natural gas invoices that can identify billing errors from your utilities or a competitive supplier. Patriot Energy will refer you to a bill auditing specialist that specializes in identifying errors which may include, rate errors, incorrect application of tariff structure, and tax inaccuracies. After finding errors, the specialist will work with your utility and supplier to obtain you the refund that you are entitled to.

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What percentage of utility and supply statements typically contain errors?

By one estimate, over 80% of utility billing statements may contain errors so take a closer look at your utility bill with a no upfront cost bill audit and potentially lower your operating expenses and increase your bottom line.




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Key Benefits
  • No upfront cost, if errors result in savings or refunds, they are shared with you
  • Errors are identified and corrected, ensuring that you are not subject to these costs going forward
  • Any Savings from audits are often reflected within 1-2 billing cycles
  • Refunds are often received in 1-6 months (Location dependent)
  • Typical detailed audit may take as little as 2-4 weeks

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