As a result of increased extreme weather events leading to more frequent and expensive power outages, many organizations are beginning to explore the benefits of self-generation for emergency backup power and as part of their total energy solution. Solar, a clean, abundant energy source and energy storage systems have the ability to provide power indefinitely when the grid is unavailable, as well as cut costs and generate revenue when the grid is functioning normally..

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Why should I choose to work with Patriot Energy Group when exploring a solar plus storage strategy?

  • We understand the complicated landscape of solar options and will simplify them for you
  • We engage only with trusted solar providers
  • We provide complete transparency throughout the entire provisioning process
  • We examine your solar solution as a part of your total energy spend
  • We review all current supply agreements to ensure compliance with existing vendors
  • We utilize our industry expertise to help you maximize state and federal incentives



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Energy Conservation Measures
  • Reduce operating costs and total energy spend (solar decreases your average cost per KWH)

  • Increase long term cost stability (exposure to volatile energy markets is reduced)

  • Short payback periods and high return on investment (savings and additional revenue streams can significantly reduce payback duration)

  • Positive environmental impact

  • Maximize state and federal incentives while still available

  • Multiple financing options available


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