Bunker Hill Plan

Aggregated Winter Hedging Strategy

The Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan is an aggregated strategy that leverages plan participants’ combined usage to obtain a more favorable hedge against historic winter-related market spikes, but retains the benefits of an index-based program the rest of the year.

Key Benefits

  • Available to both large and small customers alike
  • Aggregated around-the-clock, fixed energy-only block pricing for winter months (December, January, February & March)
  • Pricing for the aggregated block is obtained twice yearly during the historically low demand seasons (spring and fall)
  • Clients have the opportunity to accept the pricing obtained in the spring—and lock in early–or when the remaining participants’ winter block is priced out in the fall, they will be automatically enrolled at that rate
  • 100% hourly index-based pricing during spring, summer and fall months
  • Capacity, ancillaries, renewables, and administrative components are in addition to hourly index and winter hedge prices
  • Protection from winter energy spikes

How do I know if an aggregated winter hedging strategy is the right fit?

If you like the idea of buying your power on an index-based rate for most of the year, but want the security and assurance of a fixed energy-only rate during the volatile winter months, this strategy may be a good fit for your business. This strategy harnesses the power of aggregating your usage with that of other, similarly minded businesses of all sizes, for insurance against unexpected winter price spikes.

Speak with an energy advisor at Patriot Energy today to better assess your needs and determine if this strategy is the best fit for your business.

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