Patriot Energy's Offerings

Professionally managed and diverse energy purchasing strategies as well as a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency and management options.

Electricity Supply Solutions

We offer professionally managed, diverse energy solutions, which combine unique fixed and index rate structures and are designed to provide the best opportunity to save the most money over time.
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Natural Gas Solutions

We offer an innovative approach to purchasing natural gas providing cost saving opportunities businesses in all industries.
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Energy Efficiency Solutions

We offer turnkey projects consisting of a variety of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that will cut your business’s electric and/or gas usage.
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Solar Plus Storage

Many organizations are beginning to explore the benefits of self-generation for emergency backup power and as part of their total energy solution, let us help.
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Green Power Solutions

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) offer an excellent means by which your organization can shrink its carbon footprint while investing in the ever-growing clean power infrastructure.
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Bill Audits

Patriot Energy will refer you to a bill auditing specialist that specializes in identifying errors which may include, rate errors, incorrect application of tariff structure, and tax inaccuracies.
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Facility Asset Management

Patriot Energy has access to a wide array of solutions that enable businesses to reduce spending on their facility assets, while simultaneously improving their performance.

Reverse Auction

In addition to the traditional energy procurement channels, Patriot Energy now has the ability to utilize Reverse Auction technology.


A view into your energy bills, providing clear visibility into your energy consumption enabling the use of actionable data to drive the best possible energy-related decisions.

We offer clients a better way to manage their energy spend over time.

Patriot Energy works closely with our clients to help manage risks associated with energy costs. We offer professionally managed and diverse energy purchasing strategies, as well as a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency and management options.
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