Liberty Plan

Hybrid Aggregation Purchasing Strategy

The Liberty Plan is a hybrid aggregation buying strategy that leverages the power of aggregation and the advantages of seasonal timing to improve commodity hedging outcomes for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Due to the traditionally increased demand in the winter heating and summer cooling months, securing all-inclusive pricing during the so-called “shoulder seasons” (typically in April and October of each year) generally lends itself to opportunities for cost savings
  • Aggregating loads with other commercial and/or industrial clients can lead to more favorable fixed pricing, than if individually contracted
  • Liberty Plan aggregation members begin on an index-based plan and remain until the next aggregation opportunity, usually in the next shoulder season   
  • Patriot obtains a fixed price offer for the aggregated group (all members whose plan terms end at the same time) and allows each client to elect whether to “fix in” with that group or remain on the index-based plan
  • Terms are available through December of each calendar year (i.e., December 2018, 2019, 2020, etc.)

How do I know if a hybrid aggregation strategy is the right fit?

If you want a diversified approach to managing your energy spend, combining the benefits of both a fixed and index product, then a hybrid strategy may be right for you.

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