Electricity Solution
Hancock Portfolio Plan

Aggregated Seasonal Peak Power Hedging Strategy


The Hancock Portfolio Plan uses aggregation of plan participants to secure the best possible hedges for peak hours during summer and winter, both traditionally peak power price seasons, thus offering protection from seasonal energy spikes.

Key Benefits


  • Participants, as an aggregated group, receive a common rate for the winter and summer seasons, leveraging the advantages of purchasing larger blocks of electricity than for individual clients
  • Aggregated hedge price for summer and winter months during peak hours (typically week days between 7 AM and 11 PM)
  • 100% hourly index-based pricing during spring and fall months
  • 100% hourly index-based pricing during all off-peak hours
  • Protection from spikes in summer & winter (historically electricity costs rise during these months due to increased heating or cooling demand

How do I know if an aggregated seasonal peak power hedging strategy is the right fit?

This strategy would be a good fit for businesses that want to take advantage of an index-based rate during traditionally lower-priced hours and seasons, but want price certainty during what are generally more volatile time periods, historically the summer and winter peak hours.

Speak with an energy advisor at Patriot Energy today to better assess your needs and determine if this strategy is the best fit for your business.
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