Green Power

Electricity suppliers are required to provide a minimum amount of power sourced from, or offset by, “green” generation, such as solar, wind, biogas and low-impact hydroelectric. However, this represents only a small portion of the electricity sold. In order to meet corporate “green” initiatives and sustainability goals and offset fossil fuel consumption, the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates is an excellent means by which your company can shrink its carbon footprint while investing in the ever-growing clean power infrastructure.

As I’m considering green power, what are some small steps I can implement now to be more sustainable?

Simple measures such as a getting an energy audit (Patriot Energy can coordinate this for you), using LED or compact florescent lights, and eliminating paper when possible are some ways to become more environmentally friendly.

Key Benefits

Meet your sustainability goals

As an add-on to existing electricity purchases, or can be included in new contracts

May help with building "green" certification programs

Good for the environment

Terms can match supply contract

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