What additional value does a “broker” like Patriot Energy bring me vs. going directly with a supplier?

People often think they benefit when buying directly from a supplier by “cutting out the middle man.” Patriot, however, unlike suppliers and some other brokers, works for you and your company as a “buyer’s agent” and consultant. Your company’s interest in finding a better way to manage its energy spend over time is Patriot’s goal—not to sell energy or favor any particular supplier. Patriot has been in business for 15 years, reliability that gives you the peace of mind that an objective and dedicated energy advisor can answer your questions and guide you through the available alternatives—an invaluable asset to your business.

This is an ever-changing market and Patriot Energy endeavors to ensure that our clients are aware of market changes as they happen (instead of when it’s too late). Not every business is the same: having an energy professional dedicated to you and your business allows you to focus on your own responsibilities. “The day I signed” is often the answer we get to the question “When is the last time you heard from your supplier?” In a world where nothing is predictable and constantly changing you need a company like Patriot Energy working for you.

Should I shop around with other suppliers?

That is exactly what we do for you. A direct supplier is only a single source option whereas we are often able to source from multiple choices for your business’ chosen strategy. Patriot represents our clients, while suppliers represent their own interests. As one of the Northeast’s largest energy management firms, we have excellent relationships with the majority of the energy suppliers servicing the region. We educate and help our clients navigate the costs and benefits of procurement options and often-overlooked terms and conditions, that may impact your future costs.

Aren’t all energy contracts the same? Isn’t price all that matters?

The structure of rates and terms in supplier customer contracts can vary dramatically, with several key terms such as “usage bands” that can limit the applicability of a price to certain quantities of usage. As a result, often what you think is the lowest price ends up being a high price, because the detailed terms and conditions haven’t been taken into consideration. The lower the price the more risk is typically associated with the contract. To effectively “get the lowest price” (over the life of the contract) you really need to consider the forward markets and your risk tolerance. When and how you purchase and manage energy is just as, if not more, important than what price you pay per therm or kilowatt-hour. This is why using a consultant or advisor is so important.

What is your rate?

The rates that Patriot obtains from suppliers vary with respect to the type of strategy chosen by each client and a client’s consumption patterns, usage levels, market conditions, and location. The easiest way for us to obtain all this information is from your most recent utility invoice. Our representatives would be happy to take a look at a current bill and get you a customized quote.

What is your coverage area?

We provide our services in nearly all areas with retail competition in electricity and natural gas, with an emphasis on the Northeast. See our service area map for more details.

Will I pay more with you?

Our clients pay us indirectly, by the inclusion of our fee in the price you pay the supplier. This is for our clients’ convenience, so that there are no additional invoices etc.

I’m currently in a contract, would it benefit me to have a conversation now?

Yes. We can obtain a supply contract for your electricity or natural gas to start at the conclusion of your present agreement, generally up to two years in the future, regardless of your current supplier. Also, energy efficiency, energy management, and solar strategies can be implemented even before a supply contract starts. By planning ahead and discussing your energy needs now, we can monitor markets and work with you to provide a seamless transition once your current contract ends.

Will I receive two bills because I am receiving services from two different companies?

Depending on the supplier and product, you may receive an invoice from both your supplier and the utility. This can be discussed before a supply contract is executed.

Will I see any change in service in case of outages or weather-related events?

No. Your utility company will still service your account when it comes to power outages due to inclement weather etc.

What happens if we decide to move our business?

It depends on where you will be moving, if you move to a location within your utility’s service territory, then, often, assuming a similar usage pattern you will be able to take the program with you. In some cases, the agreement could be transferred to the replacement building occupant. If you move outside of that territory it is possible that your agreement would terminate, and you could be subjected to early termination fees.

Will I lose power if the supplier goes out of business?

Absolutely not. The utility, as the supplier of last resort, ensures that your business still receives electricity or natural gas service without any downtime. In the meantime, Patriot will be able to work with you to pursue a new supplier strategy.

Why choose Patriot Energy?

Patriot is committed to seeking a better way to manage its clients’ energy spend over time, without allegiance to any particular supplier or strategy. We help clients navigate the many options available to them based on risk tolerance, consumption profile and financial goals and advise on supplier contract terms and length. We analyze trends and monitor industry developments to provide regular market intelligence to clients. Patriot is your business’ single point of contact and trusted advisor regarding all aspects of energy supply and management.

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