Through our affiliate company, BLUEFIN, Patriot Energy has access to a wide array of solutions that enable businesses to reduce spending on their facility assets—like roofs, walls, and pavement—while simultaneously improving their performance.


BLUEFIN develops and manages programs for facility owners and operators to better manage their roofs, walls, and pavement, creating the opportunity to spend less on these assets and improve their performance. As the largest provider of tech-enabled facility asset management consulting throughout North America, BLUEFIN empowers its clients to easily access and leverage their facility data to make informed decisions.

BLUEFIN’s balanced approach to facility asset management addresses both operating spend and capital renewal. This approach provides reliable forecasts of future spending and results in significant savings. BLUEFIN works closely with in-house facility management teams to provide convenient and responsive services to improve your roofs, pavement, and building envelope.

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Most companies adopt a reactive approach to roof asset management with a “worst first” replacement schedule. In reality, more than 60% of commercial roofs are replaced prematurely, leading to unnecessary capital expenditures.

BLUEFIN’s proactive, data-driven, portfolio-minded approach means performing the right work at the right time. We offer complete program visibility at every level of an organization through our patented Roof Express® software.
The result is better facility performance at a reduced cost of ownership and a more predictable budget.


Well-maintained pavement ensures a safe, attractive environment for the people entering and leaving your facilities.

By taking a proactive approach to your pavement assets, you can extend the life of your hardscape and save up to 50% on your total cost of ownership. We help clients plan well-timed preservation projects to avoid costly reconstruction.

BLUEFIN’s Pavement Express software provides complete program visibility at every level in your organization, empowering facilities management with actionable knowledge about the condition of your pavement assets.


Failures of exterior walls can result in safety and health problems, as well as structural damage. Proper evaluation is often the first step toward the stabilization and rehabilitation of the building.

Combining exterior wall management with roof management is an efficient approach to preserving the entire building envelope.


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