Electronic Products Inc.


Electronic Products, wanted to aesthetically improve its building while saving energy. Patriot Energy Group partnered with Energy Source to conduct a no-cost energy audit and found that the facility had outdated, inefficient lighting. The existing lighting was also costly, contributing to about $21,000 of their total annual electric bill.


The upgrade improved the overall appearance of the production floor and office spaces, creating a brighter, more productive environment. From an energy savings standpoint, Electronic Products will reduce their annual lighting cost by about 70%, from $21,000 to $5,500. As part of the project, Energy Source also was able to secure a utility incentive on Electronic Product’s behalf. As a result, the utility paid for 70% of this project. We were also able to offer a cash flow positive project at 24 months – 0% financing, preventing the facility from using any upfront capital.

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Project Details:



Utility Incentive ($)






Monthly Savings ($)



24 Month Financing


Lighting Upgrade Benefits:

  • Improved lighting quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance


Annual Lighting Cost

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