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Mission Statement

We offer clients a better way to manage their energy spend over time.


The Patriot Advantage

Patriot Energy Group is one of the largest and fastest growing retail electricity and natural gas management firms operating in all competitive markets throughout the U.S. As a client-side energy broker/advisor we work closely with our clients to help manage risks associated with energy costs. We offer professionally managed and diverse energy purchasing strategies, which combine unique fixed, index, and hybrid rate structures, as well as a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency and management options.

Our Sophistication

  • As a limited “buyer’s agent” for our clients, Patriot has the ability to respond to market conditions and quickly act at our clients’ direction to obtain and execute supplier contracts on their behalf
  • We make available a wide variety of product offerings for large, medium and small customers given the size of our client base and influence with suppliers
  • We have the capacity to address both the supply and demand side of the client’s energy–how they buy and how they use their energy
  • Patriot collaborates with energy efficiency and monitoring organizations to offer a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency management options

Our Experience

  • Patriot is a trusted resource, advising clients for 15 years
  • We have long standing relationships with nearly all major electricity and natural gas suppliers
  • Patriot is a member of the northeast chapter of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA)
  • We have a proven track record of energy procurement representing $500 million in energy spending

Our Client Focus

  • Patriot is committed to seeking the best long term energy strategy for our clients, without allegiance to any particular supplier
  • We help clients navigate the many options available to them based on risk tolerance, consumption profile and financial goals and advise on supplier contract terms and length
  • We analyze trends and monitor industry developments to provide regular market intelligence to clients
  • Patriot serves as a single point of contact and trusted advisor regarding all aspects of energy supply and management

Patriot Energy Group is a proud member of the northeast chapter of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), a nationwide trade group that promotes best practices in the agent, broker, consultant industry segment.

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