New England Hit a Solar Production Record in May, a Trend That Is Expected to Continue in Years to Come

Solar energy output by rooftop panels in New England is on the rise with a current number of over 180,000 installations across the 6 states. A record 3,200 MW was produced in May 2020, between the peak sunlight hours of noon and 1pm. Experts expect that record to continue to be broken frequently in the upcoming months and years, with an estimated 8,000 MW production expected by the end of the decade. 

This type of electricity production occurs behind the meter (BTM), and therefore it cannot be added to the grid. It can only be used or stored at individual locations for future use. The impact can be seen largely in the decrease in demand during sunlight hours as compared to estimated demands.  

Between the inconsistency of sunlight, and larger numbers of power outages due to more frequent extreme weather events, the industry is encountering a unique challenge for predicting demand and planning for grid operation. As data collection improves over time, predictions continue to become more accurate. For example, because solar output is entirely dependent on sunlight and cloud cover, the ISO has even hired a full-time meteorologist to help anticipate future solar output.  

Inconsistencies in production are largely due to changing solar output and energy demand by season. New England winters produce less sunlight and provide shorter days, which leads to an overall decrease in energy demand and decrease in solar output.

In light of so much uncertainty, rooftop solar installations can be a great addition to a business’ total energy solution. Not only does it allow energy consumers to better manage their energy costs during normal grid operations, it can generate revenue when the grid is functioning normally if you’re able to sell the surplus of energy you’ve generated back to the grid. It also greatly limits your exposure to limits grid outages due to unforeseen circumstances or routine maintenance, allowing you to operate your business utilizing stored energy. 

Patriot Energy understands the complicated landscape of solar industry, which allows them to help business’ adapt to uncertainty of future demand. They offer options that simplify the process of adding self-generated power into business’ energy plan and incorporates a solar solution into their total energy spend. They provide complete transparency throughout the entire process and offer guidance when it comes to state and local incentives so can maximize your return.

Patriot has established relationships with a variety of trusted solar providers.  If you’re interested in learning more about Solar Plus Storage, we encourage that you speak to an energy advisor about the advantages and incentives of stored solar power.

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