Change is in the Air, A Revitalized Patriot Energy Brand

In June of 2019, a strategic alliance was created between Patriot Energy and EMEX, LLC by way of Mantis Innovation Group, the holding company that owns both brands. This newly formed partnership not only fostered expansion in both companies’ geographic reach but also increased service offerings for our clientele.
A few months later, in August of 2019, another investment and partnership was created with BLUEFIN, LLC which allowed us to enhance the customer experience and provide full-service, software-enabled solutions that drive significant cost savings and performance improvements to facilities across North America.
With these partnerships in place, big questions needed to be answered. How do we all fit together? And, what exactly does that look like? Well, we are happy to announce the first phase of what it looks like for Patriot Energy, and how these changes will benefit our clients.
The most immediately noticeable changes are new Patriot Energy logo and website. The updated logo offers Patriot a modern appearance and helps signify a new beginning. Additionally, the updated logo creates one overarching cohesive brand with EMEX, using similar visual and stylistic elements that connect each company while still maintaining some of Patriot’s unique characteristics.

Over the next few months be on the lookout for some new service offerings, including:


  • Enhanced Energy Procurement Options
  •  Facility Asset Management
  • Demand Management
  • Facility Monitoring
  • Increased Solar & Storage Consulting

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