Patriot Energy’s Craig Wall Talks Evolving Markets To Industry Leaders

TEPA talk focused on promoting transparency in a time of rapid regulatory changes

BOSTON, Mass., July 30, 2018 – Craig Wall, Director of Supplier and Product Management for Burlington-based Patriot Energy Group, said brokers need to closely monitor regulatory issues impacting the industry to maintain stability and lower costs for clients.

“New England is a complicated market,” said Wall, who is also the Northeast President of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA). “We run into numerous situations with changes in law, as well as additional regulatory issues.”

Wall gave the keynote speech recently at the Boston TEPA conference hosted at Aloft Boston Seaport. Speaking to a group of TEPA members and energy professionals, Wall said that everyone in the industry needs to be wary of volatility and fluctuations driven by regulatory changes at the state and federal levels, and then use that information to find innovative solutions.

Matthew T. Kinney, TEPA Northeast Regulatory Committee Co-Chair and Patriot Energy Group Senior Corporate Counsel, highlighted several of the ongoing state rulemaking dockets in New England and the Midwest affecting energy brokers and consultants and reminded conference attendees that “even the nomination to the Supreme Court of Judge Kavanaugh may have an impact on wholesale and retail energy choice,” in addition to pending state legislation and regulatory proceedings.

“We need to be cognizant of the constantly changing and evolving marketplace,” Wall said. “It’s important to incorporate these changes quickly, clearly, and transparently into our businesses. We need to develop strategies to make our clients, partners, and brokers aware of the possible effects that will result from these changes.”

And while these issues are extremely prevalent in New England, volatility and fluctuating rates are common across the country.

“This is not only applicable to the New England region, but throughout the entire area that TEPA covers,” stated Wall.

“TEPA supports open and competitive energy markets that provide more consumer access to dynamic energy and market solutions,” he concluded. “Our mission as an organization is to adhere to a higher code of conduct in the energy space.”

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