Patriot Energy Group Supports Youth Sailing Program

City kids hit the high seas with the Patriot Energy team in May and June as part of a unique sailing program aimed at helping transform the lives of Boston youth.

“We hope that the teamwork, leadership and perseverance that our racing team demonstrated throughout the competition serves as an inspiration to young sailors,” said John Vieira, Energy Services Manager for Patriot Energy Group. “We’re proud to contribute to this rewarding and educational program to help expand the horizons of these children.”

For the 5th consecutive year, Patriot Energy Group participated in the Courageous Corporate Challenge Regatta.  The regatta helps support the Courageous Sailing Summer Youth Program, which annually serves more than 1,100 children aged 8 to 18. Patriot Energy had its own sailboat and Vieira led our team as we competed in a five-week racing competition. The boat left from Pier 4 in the Charlestown Navy Yard on Monday nights throughout May and June.

The Courageous Sailing Summer Youth program teaches children about sailing and the incredible natural resources available to them on Boston’s waterfront. Most importantly, it gives kids the economic means to participate in an activity that is otherwise not accessible and allows them to see the world from a different perspective while a mile offshore. The program, which is free for those in need, opens kids’ minds and gives them confidence to pursue opportunities they may not have considered, while developing teamwork, decision-making, and communication skills. It’s also a fantastic social-emotional growth opportunity, as the children meet and socialize with other youths in the community.

“These sailboats are floating classrooms and we’re thrilled to have been able to support this amazing program,” Vieira said. “It was a fun and charitable experience that we can’t wait to contribute to again next year.”