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Our expertise is in energy portfolio management. Patriot Energy Group works closely with businesses to help manage the risks associated with electricity and natural gas costs. We strive to evaluate our clients' needs and objectives. Our custom tailored purchasing strategies, which are based on energy profile, risk tolerance, and business goals, are designed to give best opportunity to save the most money over time.

The cost of energy is a significant concern and expense for most businesses, and not unlike your own financial portfolio, most businesses have a serious need to control their energy costs but lack the expertise to manage it. The insight that financial advisors provide is similar to what business leaders need to properly manage their energy spend. Business leaders need to buy commodities lower and manage their risk.

Purchasing energy is just like money management and is no different than a fund. There are many things to consider when purchasing energy such as: When should you buy? And what will the market look like in the future, and why? This is where Patriot Energy Group can help. If you are responsible for purchasing energy for your company, consult our energy portfolio managers. We provide the necessary knowledge to choose a purchasing strategy and offer the transparency necessary to make informed business decisions.

How we help

Letting you focus on your business
Your business is important. Planning your energy purchasing strategically allows you to meet more of your business goals, whatever they may be. Energy costs are a large expense to your business. It makes sense to consider how and where you spend money. Partnering with Patriot Energy Group provides you with the overall resources to manage your energy spend and to mitigate energy risk allowing you to focus on your business.

Offerings that work for you and your organization
We offer you solutions to support your personal preferences, whether you are comfortable with price risk, want to hedge your future energy purchases or prefer guaranteed budget stability. Our strategies offer varying degrees of risk tolerance. Nation-wide coverage with localized regional support allows you to consolidate and easily manage your energy procurement at different locations.

The Power of Choice
At Patriot Energy Group you will find unique offerings designed to meet the needs of different types of clients and organizations. We were founded over ten years ago to give clients guidance on their choices around how and when they purchased energy. With the many suppliers that we work with, we are able to deliver unique offerings and competitive programs to fit changing market, environment and budgetary needs.

Expertise and client-side orientation
Acting as your advocate, we partner with you to execute your energy purchasing strategy. Our energy procurement expertise takes the guesswork out of this process. We educate and enable you to make decisions that are right for your company. With Patriot Energy, you have the comfort of partnering with an industry leader with experience in sourcing and negotiating energy programs for our clients.

Ongoing support
You will experience a high level of client care with one point of contact, simplifying your energy procurement. We take the time to ask questions and listen to your needs in order to develop the energy strategy that best meets your business goals. We remain vigilant as we follow the constantly changing energy markets. We will reach out to help you take advantage of new energy procurement strategies when they present themselves.

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