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Al Fletcher - COO Nashoba Valley Ski Area

"We are a very seasonal business and the fluctuation in our usage makes it very difficult to predict our energy costs. With the guidance of Patriot Energy, Nashoba Valley Ski Area has saved money in the past and continues to do quite well under their direction when compared to the basic utility rates."


Larry Hannon - Dairy Queen Franchise Owner

"Thanks for saving us money! Every bit helps with my small businesses. It's great to have our own personal electricity advisor watching out for us!"


Fawad Malick - Controller BMW of Bridgeport, CT

"Reducing energy costs is a vital component to managing our dealerships. Patriot Energy has been able to offer one low fixed rate strategy for our dealerships; and it's nice to have everything under one umbrella."

"We have been a customer of Patriot Energy Group since the beginning of 2012. As a small business with significant energy needs, we were intrigued by the concept of saving on our energy rates but were being inundated by phone calls from various energy companies with deals that sounded too good to be true. We were impressed with Patriot from the first phone call as they patiently explained the process and benefits of changing electrical suppliers. Patriot made the process of signing quick and effortless, and they continue to provide us with superior customer service. We are thrilled that we made the switch and have saved thousands of dollars on our energy costs in the past year."
Ellen Canty - New England Dragway, Inc

"Our company signed up with Patriot Energy during December 2011. Many companies offer to reduce our electricity rates and as skeptical as I was about changing companies Patriot convinced me. Patriot Energy was extremely informative and made the switch very easy. Since we switched over our two locations we have saved 57% on our electricity bills. I would strongly urge any business to take the time and listen to Patriot Energy. As a business woman there is a not lot of time in the day to listen to companies pitch their products, I am very glad I took the time and gave Patriot Energy a chance."
Michelle Atherton - Tozier's Family Market

"We at P W Plummer & Sons, Inc. are very pleased with the reduced rates Patriot Energy has provided. The savings are substantial and in these difficult economic times, it is crucial to cut expenses. Our account executive, Patriot Energy, has been extremely helpful in getting our accounts set up and keeping us updated. Thank you for the great service."
Cindy Plummer - P W Plummer & Sons Inc.

"Right from the outset I was impressed by Patriot Energy, for their honesty and direct communication. This was something I was definitely not getting from my previous distributor. The switch was easy and straightforward and the savings has been significant. Patriot continues to communicate with me and keeps me informed of market fluctuations and where best our business should be to get the most out our relationship. We are very happy to have switched to Patriot Energy."
Chris - General Manager - Belfast Co-Op

"I have been working with Patriot Energy Group since August of 2010. We had been approached by multiple companies trying to win our electricity account. I had a vague idea of what was happening with the utility, Patriot took the time to explain to me exactly what was happening and what charges we had a chance to control I felt very confident they would come back with a plan we would be happy with. After seeing the options that were available to our company we chose to go with a fixed price for twelve months and after a year with no problems, I am happy to report we will be resigning with Patriot Energy. We have been very pleased with the contact Patriot has maintained and service they have provided."
Bette Spitz - ATR Magnetics, LLC

"I started working with Patriot Energy in the spring of 2011, and I have been completely satisfied with the rates and service that I have received from them. They were patient, informative and extremely customer focused. They were also very knowledgeable and professional, when discussing their cost comparisons, of which they brought me multiple options from which to choose. Recently they were very proactive in obtaining a significantly lower rate, for my company. It's comforting to know that they are watching out for our best interests. I have every intention of staying with Patriot Energy, because they truly understand the business, and the meaning of customer service."
Thomas Davis - Ace Designs

"Patriot Energy was able to help our Property Management Firm secure a fixed rate that is much lower than what PPL is charging. We have seen a reduction in our electricity supply costs and have been able to pass this savings on to our tenants. I did shop around for a supply price and ... was able to get me a lower rate than the other companies that were quoting rates for me"
Barbara Sommers - Finance Executive - Baglyos Circle, LLC

"Electric Choice is relatively new in Pennsylvania. As a business we want to do our due diligence and obtain the best rate we can. At the same time, our overall usage does not warrant spending a lot of time and effort on this issue. Our experience with .... Patriot Energy was not high pressure like many others who have approached us. Rather, it was a 'consultative' and 'informational' approach. It was evident from the first meeting that our rep and Patriot Energy were looking out for our interest and trying to get us the best deal without the high pressure. They provided us with a good rate and good terms and guided us through the process. We also received good follow-up months later to ask if we'd like a savings analysis for our current contract. We will continue to shop for our electric supply in the future but with this level of service and the professional approach, we don't feel the need to shop for another Rep or Retail Energy Supply Company. We are in good hands with someone who has our interest at heart and when our current contract expires, we feel they will be there for us. "
John L. Schilling - V.P. Support & Services - Residential Warranty Company, LLC

"A couple of years ago I was looking into and shopping around for lower rates of propane and electricity, the two major forms of energy Renovators Supply Inc. consumes. As luck would have it, learned of a company by the name of Patriot Energy. Though they do not deal with propane, they certainly helped Renovators with a significant savings on our electricity bill. Our Patriot Account Manager .... has secured an even lower electricity rate this year than last. We are paying about 50% less per kwh than we were just two years ago. Our Patriot rep is tireless in her efforts and contacts me every month by email or phone just to make sure everything is o.k. with our electricity bill. With my account manager and Patriot on my side, I know Renovators will always enjoy a low fixed rate for electricity usage. "
Mike Moulton (OM/PM) - The Renovators Supply Inc.

"I have been working with .... Patriot Energy Group since September of 2010. My Patriot rep approached me about the de-regulation process that was going to be taking place in the Met Ed utility area in 2011. After taking me through the process from start to finish and providing the knowledge to make an informed decision, I understood that I now had a chance to control my utility costs by working with a new supplier. I gave my Patriot rep a copy of my Met Ed bills and he really took the 'headache' out of the process by shopping the account for me and working the numbers to a point where I was comfortable. I am very happy with my decision and the service Patriot Energy Group has provided. "
Lee High - President - ARE BPD Muhlenburg Partners / G&M Co, Inc.

"Sentry Auto Group has been a satisfied customer of Patriot Energy since 2006. The process of signing up with them and moving the accounts was handled flawlessly, even though our facilities were previously supplied by several different suppliers. The savings that we have achieved over the past several years has helped us weather this difficult economic environment. The customer service team keeps in regular contact to ensure our complete satisfaction. "
Anthony Capone - Vice President and Treasurer - Sentry Auto Group

"Brox Industries has been working with Patriot Energy since August of 2006 and have had nothing but great experience with them. In particular we have enjoyed our interactions with the customer service team at Patriot. We have a dedicated representative who reaches out to us on a monthly basis to ensure we have no questions or concerns, something most companies do not offer. The few times we have had an issue with our accounts, we were extremely impressed with the follow-up and timeliness of the resolution of those issues and would recommend their services to anyone."
Robert Dennis - Director of Petroleum & Energy - Brox Industries

"I have found Patriot Energy to be a good partner in managing my electric utility exposure. When dealing with the professional staff at Patriot, I have had positive experiences and would be glad to be placed on your list of referrals for those that want to check your references."
David Pascucci - Admiral Metals Servicenter Company, Inc.

"I originally chose Patriot Energy over the sea of other retail energy providers because of their knowledgeable and no pressure presentation, attention to my company's individual needs, and my account manager's patience with my busy schedule. One would think that I continued to trust my business to Patriot because over a three year contract they saved my company approximately $250k, but in truth, I have remained with Patriot Energy for the past 6 years because of their 5 star customer service. Service did not end once the contract was signed. I continued to receive periodic "check-in" phone calls and immediate response to any correspondence I initiated ... . The "Power of Choice" has never been so easy!"
Cheryl Esper CB Richard Ellis/New England | Asset Services

"When our Board of Trustees first considered looking into alternate energy suppliers, we arranged to meet with ... Patriot Energy, to meet with us at our regular monthly meeting... . Knowing that the energy supply market was still relatively young, our main goal was to avoid the unpredictable spikes and fluctuations inherent in the Nat Grid default service. Our five board members had little experience with this new frontier, so our account manager was patient with our questions and thorough with his explanations. The risks and benefits of the various tiers of options were made clear, yet at no time were we under pressure to make a rate-lock or other long-term commitment without establishing a trending history and understanding the market further. Almost three years later, we have been very satisfied with what is obviously a more consistent below-market cost for our energy... .our new Patriot rep has been equally as diligent by contacting us frequently ... and making sure no questions are going unanswered. In short, our decision to move to Patriot Energy as an alternative to Nat Grid default rate was very beneficial to our organization and the homeowners who live here.."
Ken Nuti - Old Medford High Condominium Trust

"At this point, our company has saved over 20 thousand dollars since signing on with Patriot Energy in June of 2008. We are very pleased with the care and service that Patriot has given us. I would highly recommend giving the Patriot Energy Group a chance to sit down with you and explain what they are all about."
Ron Krueger - Facilities Manager Sionex Corporation

"Not only have we had cost savings on a consistent basis since working with Patriot Energy, but we have also gained an extremely valuable resource. Their customer service uses proactivity and diligence along with the ability to understand customer requirements and apply in-depth knowledge of market and supplier dynamics to achieve significant results. This makes the process of energy procurement simple, easy to understand and extremely cost effective. My experience with Patriot Energy has been fantastic!"
Glenn Carter - Facility Manager Insulet Corporation

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you and Patriot Energy Group for the help you have given us this past year in reducing our energy cost. An additional service that we liked was your ongoing managing of our energy for the future. The added personal service of bill reviews, newsletters and monthly phone calls was everything that you had promised and exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Patriot Energy Group to any business that is looking to reduce and stabilize their energy needs. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to continued savings."
Sherry Betit - Financial Specialist Berkshire Humane Society, INC

"Producing a low fixed energy rate is essential for our business. Patriot was able to secure one low rate for all of our accounts when the market reached historic lows. Patriot Energy has been able to save us thousands of dollars on our electricity costs."
Gerald Nielsen - The Nielson Company, Darien, CT

"Patriot Energy has been instrumental in helping Watertown Savings Bank better manage their energy costs."
Brian Murphey- Assistant Vice President Watertown Savings Bank

"Reducing energy costs is a vital component to managing real estate. Patriot Energy had been able to offer strategies and programs that have saved us thousands of dollars on our electricity costs."
Gary Saltmarsh - Director of Operations Corcoran Mgmt (St Marys Women & Infants)

"Although I was a bit skeptical the Savings Analysis that you provided has proven to be spot on. We are enjoying the savings that were projected with no difference in delivery or service. Given today's environment each dollar saved goes toward saving an employee's job. As a 100% employee owned company keeping our workforce stable and productive is of critical importance. My other concern from the start was that once you set us up on the program I would never hear from you again. That has not been the case. You have been available to answer questions, have kept me updated on pricing and have made Patriot more of a partner with Palmer and Sicard as opposed to being a mere vender. We are looking forward to a long relationship with Patriot Energy."
William Mee - Controller Palmer and Sicard, Inc

n profit corporation meeting the needs of Senior Citizens at 1000 Southern Artery, a 641 unit apartment facility designed to furnish ease and comfortable living for Senior Citizens. Having multiple locations, service is always a high priority for us. Since we have switched our price has been consistently below the basic service and an additional surprise has been working with you as a single point of contact for our electricity needs. This is our second go around with Patriot Energy and we wanted to thank you for opening our eyes to the energy options available to businesses like ours. I would highly recommend Patriot Energy to anyone that is considering competitive supply as an electricity option. Keep up the good work!"
Paul Baharian - Executive Director Quincy Point Congregational Church Homes, Inc.

"We have been working with Patriot Energy for almost two years. This past year our participants saved approximately 29% of electricity usage charges compared to the standard utility offering. In addition with over 100 accounts in the program, there are always questions and concerns being raised by our off site participants. The Patriot Energy representatives have been extremely responsive, have quickly researched all questions and have kept (us) happy."
Martin Tristine - Director of School Finance Bridgeport Roman Catholic Diocesan Corp.

"I wanted to write a testimonial in regards to Patriot Energy. Summit Industries has been using Patriot Energy for a few years now. They supply our electricity under Hudson Energy. We at Summit Industries are extremely happy with the helpful, courteous support that Patriot Energy has given us. We have a sister company and they are under a different electricity carrier's contract right now. I cannot wait until that contract runs its term and we can sign the sister company to Patriot Energy as well. Being able to see the billing for 2 different electricity carriers is very helpful to show me just how much money we are saving being with Patriot Energy. I would highly recommend anyone to use Patriot Energy."
Patti Becker - Accounting Manager Summit Industries, Inc.


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