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Which energy strategy works for you?

As one of your largest expenses, energy is an integral part of your business. Patriot Energy Group procures energy purchasing strategies with varying degrees of hedged pricing on behalf of our clients. Hedging is a method used to guard and protect against unexpected and/or seasonal rises in the price of electricity and natural gas. Clients choose a strategy (one of our hedging products) to reduce the risk of future undesirable price situations. Our approach seeks to reduce or counteract the probability of exposure to high electricity and natural gas prices due to commodity price fluctuations. A more highly hedged strategy is best employed when clients are uncomfortable with potential market fluctuations.

At Patriot Energy we have a wide variety of offerings that generally fit into the following categories:

When budget stability is your paramount focus, our fully hedged products will provide you with the certainty you need to allocate funds within your business or organization.

Freedom Plan - Electricity

Freedom Plan - Gas


When energy markets are declining and you have the ability to be a bit more aggressive with your purchasing strategy, or if you are comfortable with swings in price, or your usage patterns are typically in off-peak seasons or times, an Index product could be a great fit.

Independence Plan - Electricity

Independence Plan - Gas
Patriot Plan - Electricity

These products are designed to mitigate some of the risks associated with both fixed and index buying. Clients will have the ability to hedge a percentage of their electricity usage at a fixed price and buy the remaining portion on an hourly index (Philadelphia) or by allocating their natural gas load in fixed price or index strategy on a seasonal basis (Franklin).

Philadelphia Plan - Electricity

Franklin Plan - Gas
Combining customer usage profiles allows for more efficient purchasing. Patriot Energy has developed products that will allow you to hedge your purchasing with similar energy consumers. By joining one of these groups, clients can take advantage of buying in bulk with an elite group of buyers.

Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan - Electricity
Hancock Portfolio Plan - Electricity
Liberty Plan - Electricity

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