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Imagine using less energy while accomplishing more for your business, the economy, and the environment. With Patriot Energy Group's total energy solution Patriot 360™ you can. Our goal is to become your trusted partner in helping you make the most of your energy. Patriot will help manage your energy costs and improve efficiency by optimizing how you purchase, how you use, and when you use energy. We offer a solution for every step of the process; planning, procurement, managing, monitoring & verifying, and on-site production.

As your energy professional we will establish a baseline using previous bills and historic energy consumption. Utilizing the usage data we will establish patterns and create a budget factoring in variables that affect both usage and cost, including typical meteorological year (TMY) data. We will use this intelligence to formulate a strategic energy plan tailored to your businesses unique needs. Once a baseline and a budget is determined it is also used to measure the success of the overall program.

Energy supply purchasing is the cornerstone of Patriot Energy, we offer professionally managed, diverse energy strategies, which combine unique fixed and index rate structures that are designed to provide the best opportunity to save the most money over time while reducing risk. Our innovative approach to purchasing energy provides cost saving opportunities that have never before been available in the energy market to small-medium sized businesses. Using the intelligence gathered through Patriot 360 we are able to further take advantage of market dynamics in order to integrate energy curtailment, and energy conservation measures (ECM's) to directly affect supply cost.

Using your energy more efficiently will reduce your energy spend. The Patriot 360 plan is to invest in your facility through state of the art ECM's to assure your building is operating at optimal efficiency. Patriot 360 has multiple efficiency solutions which are selected based on the best fit for your business needs. We will help restore your building to its most energy efficient state and take control to ensure it is maintained.

At Patriot we are continuously analyzing and monitoring the markets for our clients, helping them determine the most opportune time to purchase their energy. With Patriot 360, we now have the ability to actively monitor your energy consumption, and trigger events based on Grid activity to adjust your usage in real time avoiding market driven costs. Utilizing actual energy consumption we will continuously monitor and compare it to the historic baseline verifying the effectiveness of the programs.

Declining cost associated with on-site generation coupled with local and federal incentives have made it attractive for small to medium business enterprises to incorporate solar generation into their long term strategy. As part of Patriot 360 we will evaluate the viability of on-site generation for your facility and when appropriate incorporate it into your long term energy plan. Working with select strategic partners we will find the best solution for your facility, business, and budget objectives.


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