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Patriot Energy Group Announces New Vice President of Energy Services - 10/04/2016
Industry expansion and new product developments have led the Patriot Energy Group to strengthen their resources. The company is pleased to announce the appointment of industry veteran Heather Takle as the company’s new Vice President of Energy Services. In her new role as Vice President of Energy Services, Heather will take responsibility for the day-to day management and long-term strategy of demand-side products and services like energy efficiency and distributed generation within Patriot Energy. MORE >

Patriot Energy Group Gives Back to the Community this Holiday Season - 12/15/2015
In the spirit of the holiday season, Patriot Energy Group has partnered with NFI Massachusetts' Northeast Diversion Program, a group home for male and female youth with emotional and behavioral needs. Northeast Diversion located in Haverhill, MA offers a structured living environment and positive program culture, an educationally focused day program, recreational activities, as well as individual, group and family counseling. Their mission is to help people with significant challenges live fulfilling lives in the community. MORE >

Patriot Energy Announces New Vice President of Finance - 3/5/2015
Patriot Energy Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Jude Capachietti as the company's new Vice President of Finance. Capachietti will be responsible for finance and accounting. This position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Louis Frate, and takes responsibility for the day-to-day management of all financial departments. MORE >

Patriot Energy Group: Transforming the Way We Purchase Competitive Energy - 11/24/2014
Patriot Energy Group, Inc., a New England based energy broker is changing the way competitive energy is sold with the launch of two unique products – the Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan and Hancock Portfolio Plan. Both plans use aggregation as a means to secure the best possible hedge for its clients' seasonal power. MORE >

Patriot Energy Announces New Chief Operating Officer - 2/20/2014
Patriot Energy Group, one of the largest energy management firms in the nation, has appointed David Berardi as the new Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately. The role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) is new to the company and has been created to enhance their ongoing efforts to manage resources and increase efficiency in order to achieve a more effective performance, deliver best-in-class client satisfaction, and increase revenue growth. The COO will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Louis Frate, and will take responsibility for all aspects of the day-to-day management of the Patriot Energy Group, including operations, finance, and IT. MORE >


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