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What additional value does a "broker" like Patriot Energy bring me vs. going directly with a supplier?
People often think they benefit when buying directly from a supplier by "cutting out the middle man. "Having the peace of mind that everything is covered (terms and conditions of contracts vary greatly from supplier to supplier) and knowing you have a dedicated person to direct all your questions and help see you through the entire process can be invaluable.

This is an ever changing market and Patriot Energy ensures our clients are aware of all market changes as they happen (instead of when it's too late). Not every business is the same, having an energy professional dedicated to you and your business allows you to focus on your own responsibilities. "The day I signed" is often the answer we get to the question "When is the last time you heard from your supplier?" In a world where nothing is predictable and constantly changing you need a company like Patriot Energy working for you.

What happens if my lights go out?
Your utility company owns the power lines, transmission, and distribution centers. They are still in charge of delivering the electricity to residential homes and small businesses. If you lose power, you would still call them and they will do all that they can to get your lights turned back on.

What happens if we decide to move our business?
It depends on where you will be moving, if you move to a location within your utility's service territory, than you will be able to take the program with you. If you move outside of that territory it is possible that your agreement would terminate and you could be subjected to early termination fees.

Should I shop around with other suppliers?
That is exactly what we do for you. As the Northeast's largest energy management firm, we have excellent relationships with the majority of the energy suppliers servicing the region and we are able to use our buying power to provide our clientele with deep discounts when it comes to purchasing your power.

Will I receive two bills because I am receiving services from two different companies?
You will receive one bill from your utility company every month. The only difference is that the supply portion of the bill will be your new lower rate with the selected suppliers name listed.

What is your rate?
We don't sell energy, but we can shop licensed suppliers based on your needs; supplier rates for our strategies vary based on consumption patterns, market movement, and load zone. The easiest way for us to obtain all this information is from your most recent utility invoice. Our sales representatives would be happy to take a look at a current bill and get you a customized quote.

Will I lose power if the Supplier goes out of business?
Absolutely not. In this instance, your local utility will step in and be the supplier of last resort. This means that in the unlikely event the competitive supplier goes out of business, the utility MUST provide you service instantly without any downtime.

I'm in contract now, would it benefit me to have a conversation now?
Yes. We can contract your electricity or natural gas to start at the conclusion of your present contract, regardless of who that contract is with.

My goal is to get the lowest price, won't I pay less going direct?
No, you will not. Patriot Energy Group's services, including procurement, as well as demand-side consumption reduction can often result in a lower overall energy cost. Very often what seems to be the lowest price ends up being the highest price.

What does it cost for you to help us buy energy?
Our fees are included in the rates that you pay the suppliers that you choose. They collect our fees on our behalf and remit to us, so that you don't have to pay us separately.

What is your coverage area?
We provide our services in all of the restructured states, with an emphasis on the Northeast and Central states.

Aren't all energy contracts the same? Isn't price all that matters?
All contracts are different. Very often what you think is the lowest price ends up being a high price, because people don't understand the detailed terms and conditions. When and how you purchase and manage energy is just as, if not more, important than what price you pay per therm or kilowatt-hour. This is why using a consultant or advisor is so important.

Will I see any change in service?
No. Your utility company will still service your account when it comes to power outages due to inclement weather etc.

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