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Branch Manager

Patriot Energy has provided me with a unique opportunity to determine my own income. Working in one of the satellite offices and being able to break new ground for the company has been one of the most difficult and most rewarding experiences. If you work hard here, you will be recognized!

Commercial Account Executive

Many companies are now pitching work hard, play hard as a way to attract fresh and top talent. Sometimes they deliver on their promises, and many times they do not. At PEG, they deliver. From annual company outings at Canobie Lake Park in the summer, and holiday parties at an exclusive nightclub, they know how to reward our hard work. Oh yes, did I mention the company Tesla that is rewarded to top performers?

When I first started at PEG, I was fresh out of college and very unsure about starting a career. The people I work with were instrumental in making sure I was going to find success; whether it was the CEO sending a personal email after I closed a deal, or my peers buying me lunch, I immediately felt welcome and knew that I had a great support system set up from Day one.

Every day brings a new challenge, especially when working as an outside sales executive. My work has brought me to the inner-city to the farmlands and to the ocean. There are no boundaries as to where and what you will experience meeting with clients and learning about their businesses.

I have become much more confident in everything I do thanks to my career at PEG. As is the case with any job, I have had my fair shares of bumps and bruises, but those have made me a better worker and I have certainly learned. This has allowed me to overcome obstacles rather than let them stand in my way.

I would be lying if I said that money was not a huge factor to motivation. PEG has one of the best compensation packages in the industry. They also have very strong benefits in place to keep their employees happy. Another great motivation is knowing that I am helping clients run their business and savings them money. It is very gratifying to see that you are making a difference in your client’s company.

The first 6-12 months will be the hardest of your time working at PEG. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and never become discouraged. You will find success if you trust those around you and believe in the Patriot way.

Key Account Executive

I have been at Patriot Energy Group since February 2013 and I plan on being here for several more years to come. Since I have been here I have held 3 separate roles all in the Sales and /or Retention side of the business. I enjoy working at PEG because things are always changing whether it is within the company or within the industry, I am always kept on my toes. One of the things that PEG does well is recognize those that are doing well and growing, whether it is in an email from our fearless leader and CEO Louis Frate, a promotion to a higher position or an achievement award for a job well done.

PEG is an upbeat place to work and as long as you do what is expected of you, you will get along just fine in a job that you will enjoy going to everyday. That is not to say that any of the positions here are easy, we all stay very busy and work together as one large team in order to get things done, and get them done right.

Director of Sales

I’ve worked at Patriot Energy for 12 years and the industry is still as exciting to me as it was when I began back in 2003. We offer a variety of energy solutions to commercial business’s all designed to help our clients gain control over their expenses, it’s a job where you make money by helping others save money! I began as a commercial account executive and worked my way up to Director of Sales, reporting directly to the owners. Working in the energy sector has many benefits and the fact that it constantly changes keeps my interest. Electricity and Natural Gas are traded commodities, no one knows which direction they will head going forward. We need to think quick and act quicker when opportunities are presented and helping our clients understand this process and feel comfortable enough to trust us with their procurement needs is a great feeling.

Key Account Executive

Patriot Energy Group is a great place to work! Like any other job, it has its challenges but also has its rewards! I have the pleasure of dealing with many people in the organization, at this point, and that brings with it lots of personalities and creates many opportunities to get to know someone and also enjoy their successes and share in their accomplishments.I began to work with Patriot Energy 5 years ago as a commercial account executive in the Harrisburg, PA office and was promoted to senior commercial account executive in 11 months. Two years later I was promoted to Key Account Manager and work with a fantastic team of Key Account Managers as well as a great Director of Sales. The company strives to meet the needs of its people and welcomes honest and creative ideas to move the company forward. Patriot Energy is there to see you through difficult and successful times.




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