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Philadelphia Plan

Custom Hedging Strategy - Electricity

Every business is unique. Energy procurement strategies should be as well. Energy costs are often a top expense for companies and planning energy purchasing strategically allows them to meet more of their business goals. With Patriot Energy Group's Philadelphia Plan we provide businesses with the resources to manage their energy spending and to mitigate energy risk allowing them to focus on their core business.

The Philadelphia Plan is a customized electricity hedging strategy specifically tailored to the client's consumption patterns, risk tolerance, and prevailing market conditions. By implementing the Philadelphia Plan our clients are able to diversify their electricity hedging approach in a way similar to wholesale energy commodity traders and retail suppliers. The Philadelphia Plan allows clients to choose when and how much of their energy is secured at a particular price level, which involves strategically placing blocks of a client's electricity load into fixed price contracts, while putting other blocks in variable index-based contracts, all with licensed competitive suppliers. Clients are also empowered to dictate the allocation of their electricity blocks, while also being able to take advantage of our expertise.

Purchasing electricity in this fashion has typically been unavailable to small & medium sized commercial customers. The ability for the small C&I sector to procure like the large industrial user is now available because of Patriot Energy's size and procurement channels.

A well thought out hedging strategy is integral to achieving the cost management goals of securing lower overall pricing while maintaining tolerable risk over a longer period of time.

Key Points

  • Custom Fixed Hedging
  • Peak, Off Peak & ATC (Around the Clock) Options
  • Shaped or Flat Wholesale Power Blocks
  • Hedged or Fully Variable Retail Adders
  • 0% to 100% of forecasted usage available to hedge
  • Terms from 12 to 48 months

Sample Philadelphia Plan

Philadelphia Plan Graph


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