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Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan
Aggregated (Around the Clock) Winter Hedging Strategy - Electricity

In recent years electricity costs have risen dramatically during the winter months. This can be attributed to the cold temperatures of the winter season causing an increased demand on electricity for heating needs. In addition, there are regional concerns where natural gas has become a dominant fuel for both electricity generation and heating. Reliance on one (primary) fuel can create an even greater cost increase during the winter months, especially during extended periods of extreme cold.

In an attempt to reduce costs & mitigate risk during this period, Patriot Energy Group has developed the Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan. Clients enrolled in this plan will benefit from aggregate buying at optimal times throughout the year to protect them from dramatic increases in their winter electricity costs.

As a member of the Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan, clients will benefit from the power of aggregation to buy large around-the-clock blocks of electricity for the months of December, January, February and March. Traditionally, this pricing model was reserved for large commercial/industrial businesses; but by using aggregation, small/medium sized businesses can also benefit from this strategy.
The Bunker Hill Portfolio aggregate will be priced out twice a year during historically low demand seasons, spring and fall. Depending on when a client's contract begins, they will be offered either an option to secure pricing in the spring or they will default into the fall group and a winter hedge will be secured automatically. Pricing is usually less influenced by heating and cooling needs during these temperate shoulder months and is typically less subject to peak season premiums. Due to this fact, clients on this plan will buy a market based hourly index rate during the spring, summer and fall to take full advantage of the seasonal relief on the electric and natural gas markets.

Key Points

  • Aggregated fixed energy wholesale block pricing for winter months (Dec, Jan, Feb & Mar)
  • 100% hourly index-based pricing during spring, summer and fall months
  • Protection from winter energy spikes
  • 12 - 60 month terms

Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan Vs. Utility/Supplier

Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan Graph


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