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Electricity Strategies

Electricity Portfolio

Electricity can be an expensive investment for businesses. Whether you need a little help managing your energy spend, or a lot of help, Patriot Energy Group will match an energy purchasing strategy that meets your business needs.

We offer diverse, professionally managed strategies for your electricity portfolio. Our purchasing strategies are custom tailored based on energy profile, risk tolerance, and business goals. They're designed to provide the best opportunity to save the most money over time.

Electricity Strategies

Freedom Plan - Fixed Strategy
The Freedom Plan provides a pre-determined price for a given volume of electricity usage over a selected term and enables clients to predict their future costs. More Info >

Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan - Winter Power Hedging
The Bunker Hill Portfolio Plano uses aggregation as a means to secure the best possible hedge for its client's winter power, thus offering protection from high winter energy costs. More Info >

Hancock Portfolio Plan - Seasonal Peak Power Hedging
The Hancock Portfolio uses aggregation as a means to secure the best possible hedge for its client's summer and winter peak power, thus offering protection from seasonal energy spikes. More Info >

Independence Plan - Variable Strategy
The Independence Plan allows clients to purchase their hourly electricity at prices derived from the wholesale RTO index creating an opportunity for clients to avoid credit and risk premiums associated with fixed-rate strategies. More Info >

Liberty Plan - Hybrid Strategy
The Liberty Plan is designed to take advantage of the powers of aggregation and seasonality, assembling a select group of buyers to participate in an aggregated hedge during seasons that typically have lower prices. More Info >

Philadelphia Plan - Managed Strategy
The Philadelphia Plan is a blended electricity portfolio (of fixed and index products) designed to mitigate the risk associated with either a fully hedged or a fully indexed product. More Info >


Patriot offers a variety of products to offset risk and to minimize expenses. Review the options to the left to help you choose a product.

RsikPrice Risk: The degree of price fluctuation a client can tolerate

RsikMarket Risk: The risk of the client's retail rate exceeding the overall average Day Ahead Locational Marginal Price from the Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) and Independent System Operators (ISOs)

RsikDegree of Hedging: Hedging is a strategy used to guard and protect against unexpected and/or seasonal rises in the price of electricity and natural gas

Understanding Volumetrick Risk

Volumetric risk is the risk related to the fluctuation of the amount of energy a company actually uses compared to their expected historical usage. When a client's actual consumption falls outside of their expected historical usage the supplier may charge an additional cost as a result of the difference.

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