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EDGE takes an active management approach to lower a client's annual electricity spend by giving building owners the tools to reduce overall consumption, flatten out load peaks, use data to make decisions, and tactically purchase electricity supply; all the while helping the environment.

EDGE is available as an add-on enhancement for all Patriot Energy Group products, in addition it is offered as a standalone solution for clients that are already under contract.

Save More Use Less
Clients have the ability to save more during high cost times by using less power. In order to control the client's load shape, Patriot Energy Group will invest in the client's facility, by working with our technology partners to install Wi-Fi enabled, two way thermostats. This will enable the client to actively and efficiently manage their HVAC energy usage, ensuring the building utilizes energy only as needed. Additional benefits are also offered through an advanced cloud-based software platform that analyzes grid and weather information, sends alerts, and can automatically respond to price events by initiating curtailment through the installed Wi-Fi thermostats, from which the client can opt-out on an as-needed basis. Depending on the severity of the price spike, the EDGE software will also notify personnel at the facility of additional opportunities to further decrease costs, which may include manual measures to curtail usage.

Environmental Benefit
The EDGE software can also effectively aid in the endeavor to manage capacity costs. Capacity "tags" represent clients' electricity demand at peak usage times, which are often correlated to grid events and prices spikes, and can represent approximately 30% of your electricity bill for the entire year. Curtailing load during peak events may have the additional benefit of reducing a business' capacity tag which, in turn, can have a significant impact in controlling costs and can, in some instances, save clients up to 15% on their monthly electricity bill. With predictions of substantial capacity price increases over the next few years, managing this expense through the IPE technology may be a hugely valuable investment and hedge against higher costs.

Low Maintenance & Reliable
Clients enrolled in EDGE are taking steps to reduce their energy consumption, and by doing so are contributing to a healthier world. Reducing energy usage can benefit the environment and conserve resources. Although your own carbon footprint may seem inconsequential on a global level, individuals working together can make a difference.

Key Points

  • Gives clients the ability to manage their HVAC energy usage
  • Reduces overall electricity usage, which reduces electricity bill
  • Can potentially lower capacity costs
  • Environmentally beneficial


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