ISO-New England Presents Dual Function Capacity Auctions to Maintain Subsidized Generation

The board of directors will seek out a proposal given by ISO-New England with intentions of standardizing the forward capacity market to maintain increased amounts of subsidized generation.  The plan also includes steps to conserve price signals for non-funded resources, as well as an official withdrawal display for soon to…

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Peak Demand Alert! How to Reduce Next Year’s Electricity Bills

We’re updating this afternoon because there is a possibility that the New England Power Grid will experience a very high level of demand from 2:00pm – 5:00pm EST tomorrow, July 8th, 2015 based on ISO-New England (the entity that manages the power grid) forecasts. When the New England Power Grid…

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Proper Preparation in the Northeast Keeps Natural Gas Prices Low This Winter

Last year the U.S. Northeast saw record natural gas price spike due to cold weather, which forced some power plants to shut down for lack of fuel. Power producers struggled to outbid one another for the limited supplies available, which caused prices to spike immensely. February 2015 has seen the…

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