Capacity Costs Rising in Near Future

Capacity Costs Rising in Near Future New England’s wholesale electricity industry is amid transformation as the closure of non-gas power generators are challenging New England’s electricity resource adequacy. New investment in generation in New England has been outpaced by retirements, for reasons ranging from the less-than-stellar financial viability of nuclear…

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Why Are Capacity Market Prices Rising? 10 Facts You Need To Know

1.) What Is The Capacity Market? — It is a forward-looking market-based method of ensuring that New England will have adequate resources to meet all electricity demand plus reserve requirements three years into the future. Forward Capacity Auctions (“FCAs”) are held annually, three years in advance of the operating period….

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Winter Reliability Program 2015

PROGRAM OVERVIEW For the second year in a row, ISO New England has implemented a Winter Reliability Program (WRP). The intent of the Winter Reliability Program is to mitigate winter system operation challenges and ensure the stability of the grid during the winter months. These challenges are due to the…

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