Spectra Energy’s Proposed Northeast Natural Gas Pipeline Delayed

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Natural gas is still a top priority in New England.  However, the region was struck by news from Spectra which informed the FERC or Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that there would need to be some reconsidering as to how finances for new capacity were going to be paid.

Initial plans have taken a turn and there should be expected delays in the Northeast Access pipeline which is rumored to have total around $3 billion in costs.  Gas capacity is in high demand throughout the region but contracts lacking approval from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court could stand as problematic for future expansions in capacity.

Several other parties such as Eversource Energy and National have cut cords with support for expansion due to the Massachusetts Court’s decision.  As a result of this, delays are forecasted to prolong until around 2019.  This ultimately means Spectra will have to make a proposal to state law officials about a potential funding agreement.

The addition of natural gas capacity is not a completely universal recognition.  Maura Healey, who is a Massachusetts Attorney General stated that paying for a new natural gas pipeline capacity would transfer hazards correlated with the project developments.  Maura concluded that the region’s energy necessities should be upheld with efficiency and response to demand.

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