Grid Upgrades For New England

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ISO-New England has planned transmission infrastructure upgrades that are to be completed by 2023. There are already a total of 210 transmission reliability projects proposed, planned or under construction in New England.

Upgrades will cost ratepayers approximately 4.8 billion and will bring the total investment in the reliability of the system to $12 billion since 2002.

Upgrades will improve electricity usage in New England, and are an alternative to building new power plants to assure electric supply meets demand. Transmission projects provide a better link between large power generators and large power users. They improve power grid reliability, while also putting a downward pressure on electricity rates by allowing the grid to operate more efficiently.

[Read more: Kane, Brad. “New England planning $4.8B in Power Grid Upgrades.” Hartford Business. New England Business Media. July 20, 2015. Web.]

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