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Patriot Energy Group is changing the way businesses purchase their energy, by offering unique one of kind products tailored to meet your needs. Instant Analysis uses historic average index and supplier rates to make estimated comparisons between products.

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Bunker Hill Portfolio Plan
Winter Power Hedging

The Bunker Hill Portfolio Plano uses aggregation as a means to secure the best possible hedge for its client's winter power, thus offering protection from high winter energy costs. More Info >

    Hancock Portfolio Plan
Seasonal Peak Power Hedging

The Hancock Portfolio uses aggregation as a means to secure the best possible hedge for its client's summer and winter peak power, thus offering protection from seasonal energy spikes. More Info >


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These analyses contains statistical information that was prepared by or obtained from sources that Patriot Energy Group, Inc. ("Patriot") believes to be reliable, but its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. "Patriot Price" represents an estimated combined average market-based rate that may not reflect actual competitive supplier rates that Patriot can obtain on your behalf. This proposal also contains estimates of variable price components, such as line losses, ancillary services, renewable energy, forward capacity, and administrative adders, which may be either presented on the supplier invoice as combined with the energy price, or listed as separate components. Energy prices and other price components are based on industry averages and historical market trends, and do not represent actual costs or guaranteed future savings. If you wish to make a decision based in some part on the information herein, you should independently verify any facts important to your decision. Accordingly, Patriot shall owe no liability whatsoever to any person or entity for any alleged, perceived, or other loss or damage caused by or resulting from any error in such information provided herein. This proposal has been prepared and distributed solely for informational purposes.

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