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Patriot is a client side energy management firm that works closely with businesses to help manage the risks associated with electricity and natural gas costs. We strive to understand our clients' objectives and take the time to ask our clients questions in order to evaluate their needs. By doing so we're able to design purchasing strategies best suited for the short and long-term business goals of our clients.

We believe the best way to purchase energy is based on strategy (as opposed to purchasing based solely on price.) Our custom tailored purchasing strategies, which are based on energy profile, risk tolerance, and business goals, are designed to give best opportunity to save the most money over time. We provide our clients with the necessary knowledge to choose a purchasing strategy and offer our clients the expertise and transparency necessary to make informed business decisions.

As the largest retail electric and natural gas consultant and manager in the Northeast, Patriot Energy Group manages a high volume of transactions on a daily basis and has successfully secured competitive supply arrangements for over 14,000 customers.


Patriot Energy Group was founded in 2002 in Woburn, MA and has since grown to one of the top energy management firms in the Northeast. During the past 12 years, offices have been opened in Dallas, TX; Stamford, CT; West Springfield, MA; Harrisburg, PA; Bridgeport, PA; and Brunswick, ME and will continue to expand throughout the Northeast, as well as other regions in the U.S. as restructuring permits.

Our growth has brought us a stronger and firmer grasp on the energy market. We are continually improving the ways which we can help customers purchase energy to meet their specific procurement needs.

Restructuring has created new opportunities for energy savings as well as new challenges for managing and controlling energy costs. Navigating these changes can be both trying and time consuming. We help make this process seamless.

Patriot Energy Group is able to place accounts in twenty different restructured states, with the most innovative strategies available on the market today. We maintain excellent relationships with multiple suppliers to provide an unparalleled level of rate transparency.


Patriot Energy Group is changing the way competitive energy is sold. Our innovative energy strategies, which combine unique fixed and index rate structures, provide cost saving opportunities that have never before been available in the energy market.

We offer clients the opportunity to enroll in the plans that will benefit from pricing structures that were only available to large commercial/industrial clients, and Patriot Energy Group has made available for businesses of all sizes. Our innovative strategies attempt to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and may even offer protection from seasonal energy price spikes.

At Patriot Energy Group we're not interested in making incremental advances in the energy industry; we're interested in revolutions. Our goal is to change the way we think about purchasing energy. We're confident that our strategies are an advancement.


Patriot Energy Group's expertise is energy portfolio management. We're industry leaders with more experience navigating the restructured marketplace than any other firm. We have substantial knowledge, and the most innovative strategies designed for today's volatile markets.

Energy can be a significant expense for a business of any size. There is no question that your energy purchasing should be handled with as much thought you put into managing your financial portfolio, because it's a financial investment. Whether you're new to purchasing competitive energy or just seeking guidance, we can help.

The energy market can be complex, leaving you vulnerable to unexpected costs. There are many things to consider when purchasing energy such as: When should you buy? And what will the market look like in the future, and why? Don't go through it alone. We provide the knowledge, tools, and other resources to help you make smart decisions.

In order to keep our customers fully informed and up-to-date with the latest market knowledge, our experts provide the following Portfolio Management Services:

  • Periodical market updates.
  • On-going discussions of opportune times to purchase your energy.
  • Management of your bidding process for your next contract.
  • Advice on how to simplify your energy procurement.
  • Weekly newsletters on the latest market trends.

We offer guidance to businesses who do not have the expertise, time, or desire needed to manage an energy portfolio. We listen to you in order to understand your needs. Let us know your goals and we'll find a strategy to fit them. We believe in building relationships with our clients. Customer Service is extremely important to us and your questions and concerns are our top priority. Our experts are ready to help to make your experience with our company a success.


With over a decade of experience in the energy industry, Patriot Energy Group's management team consists of exceptionally skilled and qualified individuals who are dedicated to the success and growth of our organization. Our managers have the most up-to-date knowledge and are highly committed to meeting their clients' needs and goals.


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