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Why Solar?

Solar energy uses one of the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy sources available. Continuous and fast-paced growth in the U.S. solar industry has helped pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Over the past few years, the costs of solar energy systems have dropped substantially, making it the ideal time for small and medium size business to reap the benefits of solar power. Patriot Energy Group's goal is to provide easy and simple access to solar power. Now, in addition to our industry leading procurement offerings, we can provide solar options as well.

Reduced Operating Costs & Cost Stability
Solar power systems can reduce, or in some cases, even eliminate the generation charges on your electric bill. In addition to lowering your operating expenses, solar power can help to insulate a business from volatility in the power markets. Seasonal swings in utility rates due to periods of high consumption (i.e. summer and winter months) and volatile electricity rates have increased the need more than ever to investing in solar production. Patriot Solar can help you to eliminate some of the uncertainty in your energy costs, and begin to treat electricity costs as more of a fixed expense.

Return on Investment
There has never been a better time to go green. Government incentives and declining solar equipment costs mean the utilization of solar power can be a sound investment and a good financial decision for all types of businesses. Depending on the financing option chosen, investing in solar power could generate both long-term savings and quick payback. Payback for the entire system usually occurs within four to six years and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

Low Maintenance & Reliable
Once a system is installed it has the potential to last for decades, providing electricity quietly and cleanly for up to 25 or even 40 years. Solar panels have no moving parts, so after they are installed there are few maintenance costs after installation. Typically, recommended maintenance is to simply hose off the panels once a year to prevent dust and debris buildup. The average loss in energy-production efficiency over the panel's lifetime is generally relatively small, but differs depending on the type of panel. Additionally, many solar panels carry a long-term warranty protecting your investment from debris and weather damage.

Positive Environmental Impact
Using electricity from solar panels will result in reduced consumption of fossil fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. By using the sun for energy, companies can participate in the battle against global warming and help reduce the country's dependence on foreign fuels. Going green will not only reduce expenses but will serve as a great PR and marketing tool for your business. An environmentally responsible image is positive goodwill for any company, as it can generate a positive response from both consumers and shareholders alike.


Why Patriot 360 Solar?

As your energy expert, we strive to understand your energy needs and are now able to incorporate solar power as part of a total energy management strategy used to meet those needs. Patriot Energy Group works with multiple local and national solar providers, and has the expertise to guide you through the entire process. As your energy manager, we will work with you to determine if solar is a good fit for your unique business situation. We will evaluate the solar systems available, review the financing options, and manage the entire process to ensure that you are seeing the best options to meet your business needs.

Solar Proposals have many variables, and we simplify and assemble the information in order to improve your understanding and provide you with complete transparency. We will guide you through the multiple purchasing and financing options and evaluate how implementing solar can affect your bottom line. In addition, we will review your current supply contracts and discuss the impact that improving your usage profile can have on future supply agreements. Working with Patriot 360 Solar will help to refine and improve your comprehensive energy management strategy for now, and for the future.


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Patriot 360
Overview | PDF Download

Patriot 360 Solar
Overview | PDF Download

Overview | PDF Download

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